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KartAreal Karting

Olšanská street no. 6
Prague 3

Phone: 281 916 188 
          605 048 245
E-mail: info@kartareal.cz


Dear fans and go-karting friends,

  We have bad news for you, unfortunately we have to close our kart centre due to developers interests of building owner. We are closed from 31/12/2013.

  So you have the last chance in these few weeks to visit us and enjoy the most powerful karts in Prague.

  We also informing you, that all coupons, vouchers, tickets and bookings are valid until 30/12/2013. After this date are unvalid without any compensation

  We will try to find new place, about any news we will inform you here. 

 Thanks for your understanding

Yours KartAreal team


Track length: over 500m, where you can feel uniqe and unrepetable happines from ride and competition, adrenaline from the fast speed, that will be provided by 20 turns and 4 straingts changing in technical and fast track parts. Optimal track capacity is 6 - 8 karts at one time.

Safety: Track is equiped with plastic barrier system, that provides, when some accident happen, with tires optimal safety zone. Borowing of helmet, overall with gloves and rib protectors is naturaly for free. Use of helmet is obligatory! 


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Track parameters :

Length: over 400 m
Width: 3 - 7 m
Approx. speed: up to 40 km/h
Maximal speed:

up to 70 km/h

Average lap time: 35 - 45 seconds
No. of turns: 20x (1x "S type", 4x 180°, 10x left, 4x right)
Straights: 4x (30 - 70m each)
Barriers: special plastic barriers + tires
Surface: shaped concrete + coating
Lighting: strip lights


Timing system  

As in all other sports, where hundredths of second decide about winner, nothing can be done without perfect time keeping. And in motorsports it count twice, that´s why we attend to exact evaluation of each race. Special computer runned device take care about it. All karts have transmiter, that sends signal to reciever and informations are further counted by computer. Riders are ordered by best time in round without taking care on their real position. They can see actual position and lap time on LCD TV on the track and others at the sportsbar and in lounge. After finish you will get times of all competitors by rounds, number of rounds, best time, total time and order in finish.

In importaint races or in company´s events, can be names of drivers putted into the system and will be shown on monitors and printed on result list. 


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Open hours

Mon - Thu 14:00-22:00
Fri 14:00-23:00
Sat 12:00-23:00
Sun 12:00-22:00
        or. by agreement